The next generation social learning platform

Fun, Engaging and Simple

Every learner is different... We get that!

WinjiGo helps you to address individual skills and talents

Need to build a generation of critical thinkers?

WinjiGo will give you the proper gear to build 21st Century skills

WinjiGo Your Learning!

WinjiGo is the next generation social learning platform that will give you the fun, engaging and simple learning experience you are looking for.


WinjiGo will be your teaching companion

through “Inquiry Based Learning” and “Project Based Learning”

Beautiful Educational Platform

With Impressive Features

All the features you need to have an amazing learning experience.

Jumpstart Your Experience in Seconds
You can sign up and prepare an entire course with just a couple of taps. Sign up with any personal account.
Collaborate and Stay Up to Date with the Wall
A social network-like course wall enriches collaboration throughout the course. Share interesting feedback on the wall with other course members, comment on posts, and reflect with others.
Be Prepared and Organized with the Planning Tool
Plan an entire course outline in a simple, intuitive and effective way. Enrich course sessions with resources and activities in one central place. Learners can prepare ahead of sessions.
Engage Learners with Badges and More
Motivate and engage your learners by rewarding badges for both academic and social achievements
Conduct Ongoing Assessments with Activities
Evaluating learners couldn’t be easier. Use file-based assignments, auto-graded question quizzes, and practices to evaluate your learners and enhance progress
Drive Problem-Based Learning with Discussions
Problem-based learning is essential in building 21st Century skills. Open a discussion and help learners to address the problem
WinjiGo makes Learning, Fun, Engaging and simple.

Why WinjiGo is the Best

Choice for Educators

Get Work Done Anywhere
PC? Mac? Android tablet? IPad? You can finish your work wherever you are with whatever device you have. Enjoy full access and more to what you need to manage your teaching and assessment cycle.
Simple and Easy
Whether you’re new, or already a member, you can access your online account with just a couple of taps through your Facebook, Gmail, Outlook or Office 365 account, or even through a local account created at your preference.
Get Ready in No Time
  • Create your own course and invite your own learners with a few taps
  • Plan your course outline from one central place, add resources, and even design a variety of activities easily
  • Copy your course outline to your other courses with one single tap
Ready to Apply Non-Traditional Learning?
Applying project-based learning or inquiry-based learning isn’t a problem anymore; you’ll find all the tools and guidance you need through WinjiGo
Restless Learners? Engage Them!
  • Design your course with game-like levels
  • Award points and badges to motivate learners to compete and complete levels
Get Insight into Learners’ Progress
Explain, assess and evaluate your learners individually and in groups
Need Some Ideas? We’ll Help You
Check out WinjiGo recommendations on what kind of materials to include in your course and which actions learners should follow next based on in-built analytics
What Satya Nadella said about the makers of WinjiGo

" ITWORX Education has deployed a gated solution that has been deployed in many parts in the Middle East which is changing how content is delivered. "
Satya Nadella | Microsoft CEO.